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Improving gender equality and supporting the exercise of the rights of vulnerable groups in the judiciary


(Sarajevo, 18 July 2019) - Within the project "Improving Court Efficiency and Accountability of Judges and Prosecutors in BiH, phase 2, funded by the Government of Sweden, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HJPC BiH) has produced a publication on a topic of prejudice and stereotypes – as one of the project’s results and one of the activities for promotion of gender equality and promotion and support to the exercise of the rights of vulnerable groups in the judiciary.

The publication is intended for judges, with the aim of presenting the possible consequences of stereotypes and prejudices, especially in the context of law enforcement.
Namely, the publication explains the notion of stereotypes and prejudices and the ways in which we acquire and create them. In addition, the publication also addresses the consequences of negative attitudes, especially in the context of law enforcement, whereby stereotypes and prejudices can be created and strengthened or else, prevented and corrected. Furthermore, it explains why the elimination of prejudice is a prerequisite for equal access to justice and public confidence in the judiciary, and it clarifies the importance of the role of a judge in this process. Finally, the publication also covers the issue of how to eliminate prejudices from the judicial system, taking into account the relevant provisions of the Code of Judicial Ethics.

The HJPC of BH considers that this is an extremely important topic, since, through awareness and removal of prejudices and stereotypes from the courtroom, and by respecting diversity in their own environment, eliminating discriminatory practices, the judicial system becomes accessible, fair and impartial, and public trust  in the judiciary is a natural result of this process. 

The printed version of the publication was distributed to all courts while the electronic version in the three official languages in BiH and English is available on the website of the HJPC BiH and can be downloaded from the links below.
Publikacija BOS  Publikacija HRV  Publikacija SRP  Publikacija ENG

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